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As I pulled up in front of this truck to take it’s picture, a security guard got off his folding chair and waved me along before I could even put the car in park, “Noooooooope, move it on outta here buddy.” I tried to explain that I was only going to be a second but he wasn’t having it and even though I knew I could park, shoot and be gone in less than a minute, he insisted, “That there’s teamster shit and they’ll have my ass if you park there.” Sometimes you can just tell that no amount of reasoning is gonna let you convince someone when their mind’s made up. He had no problem letting me park in the red zone ten feet in front of where I was though since, “that’s outta my jurisdiction, you can do whatever you want over there.” Ok, thanks. Luckily there wasn’t a repeat of what happened the last time I shot one of these while parked in a red zone. Westlake neighborhood. Los Angeles, California.

©Ryan Schude